Friday, October 2, 2009

Hey please Relink alright?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Helllooooo (:

I'm boredd like so 987654321 days , Almost everyday ! :O
HAHAHAHHAH , i'm crapping.
As i'm fucking angry , Only Nadiah knows :)
I'm talking to her duh? Lameeee
Went for remidel today , wootss!
One hour passes very very fast O;
But i enjoyedd! Thanks Clique for teaching me maths i understand
Went oppostie eat after that , Study at the library and OFFto home.
Peggy lovess Me! :P
Lamesxz ! :)

I'm so bored that i went to play the school song and National song

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watch this this is damn disugsting and i scream the hell out of me!

Today school was okay , Doze off during maths -.-
Went Peggy's house after school and played pokerr!
ahhaahahha but i lose money ! ;X
Notbadnotbad !@
Byebye off to plurkkk!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sentosa trip (:

Today Kept feeling asleep during class , Don't know why :(
Homeecon's Practical was damn rushed up but my one was Meatball in sauce!
It's damn nice if there's without the tomatoes :O
Helped Charlie angels to clean up (In side joke )
HHAAHAH , came back :)
Today's mood okok , byebye got to rush for my other things!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just came back from Malaysia :)
School was boring today *Yawns*
Thanks sofiaong ! For the wallet :D
Thanks so much horney Bitch <3 I'm lazy to reply tag today :O Tomorro bahs :) I'm sure that i will flunk my Physics :(
My Idol , Taeyeon ♥
Chio right !

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ouchh , My arm a bit pain arhs :(

Training was fun as it was only play match ! :)
School was not bad luhs , cause i love wednesdays ! No maths :)))))
Aww man , i hate tomorrow !
I don't know why i'm jealous >;(
Why ? It's the past :O
-.- Hmm While playing ball , accidently bite my gum !
Pain like siao ?

Why? I'm such a person :()

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alright , i wish that guy will read this post .
Hmm , Today slacked after school !
At G8 (:
Today Maths Lesson ,was boring !
I totally doze off for the first time :O
English : :O Sian ,Mrs Bala say that she want to see My English file , Huining's and others :O
Scared scared lehs! :9

Tag replies
Chiamin : You're Most welcome :)
Shiming : Thanks.
Wencheng :Hey!
Nadiah : Thanks
Kimberly :Thanks <3 Sister Minmin :You too , Iloveyou too dearest mei Yewen: Thanks , remember arhs <3 Dear
Junlin : LOL
Wenfeng : Thanks Sidd
Andy : I never say you gay?
Louisa : Ahdear <3

Appreciation thing tomorro , i'm lazy thou.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I don't know why , I swear this one's going to be a long one :(
Past memories came to my mind again :O
Like what the Fuck again , again and again .
When will it stop! @.@

Primary school , I remembered that my teacher slap me in my face just that i have bad handwriting like what the fuck? It happens when i was Primary 1 and Hoho she retired :)
I remembered Last time , i almost died of laosai LOL! :( The doctor say if i continue to be like that , i would died ;X Luckily , I survive !
But still having some health problems? {Don't wish to be revealed }

Primary 6 : I totally regretted for not studying hard during the PSLE and still play com :(
If not , i would be in express and will not be compared marks with My other cousins :O
Parents still nag and say that it is a must for me to get into express next year :(
Like ? If i can get into it , It would be like impossible?

Goddad and godmum :They say they will buy for me anything regardless of the price , If i can score80% for all my subjects again impossible .
Why they put such a high expectation to me ? I think by the time i die , i will not get it :X

Secondary 1 : o.o i think it would be a year of disappointment?
Everything fails that year :(
I remember i like this guy , and ..{Not to be revealed }
It was utterly disappointment , the first time i fall in love and that's what happen :O
Studies was not good last year , i said i will buck up ?
But i see no effect/ result ?

Secondary 2 :( To be continued)
Ohokay, At least i know what i am doing now ?
End of year exam , i will buck upp all the way!
So mainly i will not be able to use the com {self controlled}
Mid-year was not a good result already .
End of year , i must pass with flying colours !
And i will regain my freedom :)))))))

I wish it would work starting from now .

Hellooo people (:
Once again , Weets!
Finally can upload pictures :B
Shall let them talk .

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Not going out today , Studying instead .
Busy doing the appreciation stuff (Some people)
Nothing to blog about lehs ? o.o
Plurking later ,than off to facebook :)

Appreciation to? : Chongchiamin
Best friend <3
Hahaha , don't say i never tag you liao hor.
I give you daily tag happy ? See my mood lurhs?:)
This girl cannot say anything about her appearance
Or else she's gonna kill me >:(
She's a great woman :)
She's a kind person
She's someone who can entertain you like siaoooo?
She can also kill you when you talk crap !
She don't like to repeat
I'm like saying all her bad points !
She's someone you can share secrets with , cause even if you force her to tell you she will not
A good listener
A good friend
A friend you will never regret to be with :)

Tag replies :
Meihua : Airen <3 , It's alright :)
Yuning : Beloved Jie , welcome loves.
Kimberly :Thanks dearest sister <3
wenfeng :Thanks
Darryl: which one? class
Matilda : ? ;)